Worry Free Acoustic Guitar Making

Acoustic guitar making should not worry you as much as it does some new builders. If you are overly worried about the build, it will show. It’s a waste of energy to worry about your build, and I will explain why.

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Don’t Worry So Much About Your Guitar

worry free acoustic guitar makingThere is really nothing to be worried about when you are making your guitar. Sure, there are new things to learn. However, the overall process is something that you can do well even on the first round.

This is what typically gets new builders. They are concerned that they may put in months of effort and have a crappy guitar in the end.

If you go through the whole build thinking you are going to mess it up by making a couple small mistakes, you are wasting your energy. A guitar is not made with a couple big processes, it’s a sum of the small things, which I cover more in depth in the linked post.

Don’t Fail Before You Fail

You do have the ability to make a great guitar on the first round. Will it have more dings and nicks than productions guitars? Sure. Will it have room for improvement? Sure. However, you will still love it and enjoy playing it. That’s what counts the most.

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The less you worry about the individual processes the better. Just learn the process, apply it, and move on to the next one. If you attack the guitar in bite sized pieces, the individual bites will be far easier.

When you are joining the top, that’s all you should be working on. When you are gluing up the neck, focus all of your attention on that task.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

The more you focus, the less you will worry. Making a neck is essentially just gluing wood together. You can do that. Making the binding ledges is just using the router. You can do that too. If you boil down the processes to smaller bites, you can do all of them.

If you focus like this for a while, one day you will look up and see a completed guitar sitting on the bench. I promise.

A Good Acoustic Guitar Making Resource

The whole point of my book on Acoustic Guitar Making is to simplify the processes and make things easier for the new guitar maker. If you are looking for a supplemental book that helps explain a lot of the stuff in the step by step books, then this is for you.

It will help you worry less too.

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