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This Woodworking Tips Card is all about wood glue. There are several different types of glue that you can buy in the store. This can be confusing. Thankfully, woodworkers mainly use wood glue, because that’s what you are working with. Plus, you really only need one kind.

Wood Glue – The Woodworker’s Best Friend

woodworking tips cards wood glueI have been using Titebond Wood Glue since the very beginning, and it has been great to me. Whatever wood glue you choose, make sure it has a good long track record. If you are going to be cheap, don’t do it with your glue.

The glue that you use does more than just hold things together, though that is the main function. It also sits under your finish, conceals the seams between pieces of wood, and has to come off easily when you sand and shape your project. A super cheap wood glue does not do these things very well, and you suffer longer in the shop to save a few dollars.

When you go into the woodworking store, or the hardware store, look for Titebond. They don’t pay me anything for telling you this, I do it because I believe in the stuff. Titebond Original Wood Glue comes in a red bottle, and its all you really need for the majority of your wood gluing jobs. If you are going to be doing a lot of woodworking, you can save money on wood glue with this tip. Make sure to buy a couple small glue bottles too.

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Glues Can Be Complicated if You Let Them

Don’t worry about the huge number of glue types out there. There is more than one way to do anything, and that applies to making glue too. If you really dig deep into glue types, creep, and the scientific properties of glue, you will lose your mind in the beginning. Just relax, and use a good glue that has been around a long time.

As you broaden your woodworking, you will eventually use other types of glue. This is fine, as it’s a natural course of learning a new craft. When you get to a point that CA glue or Epoxy is more suitable, you will know that it is time to learn a new glue.

For the time being, use wood glue for all of your wood to wood joints.

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