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Wood choice can make a big difference in your projects. This woodworking tips card is all about making the right choices with your wood. Even two projects that are identical can be seen as completely different with the right wood choice. Here is why.

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Wood Choice Makes a Difference in the Look

woodworking tips cards wood choiceObviously different pieces of wood are going to make a project look different. The takeaway is that you can make even small and plain projects pop if you pick out a nice

If you look around, you are sure to find something in the wood store that will make your project stand out.

Once you have something you like, ask the shop owner or do a quick little Google search to make sure that the species is ok for what you are making.

Sometimes a great looking piece of wood can be a bad choice for certain projects.

Why Wood Choice Makes a Difference

With everything else being equal, the choice of wood will be the differentiating factor from one project to the next. Wood is the medium that we use, so it’s worth using something nice looking for your projects. If it was about utility over using wood, then we would just use plastic for everything and be done with it.

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It’s not though. Woodworking is about the beauty of wood, and using a natural material to make something beautiful. Select a great looking piece of wood, and it will elevate your work.

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