Woodworking Tips Cards – Using Wood Filler

Don’t be ashamed of it. Everyone uses wood filler. This woodworking tips card is all about wood filler, and why you should use it on some of your projects. Used well, this is a great product, and it will help your work look more professional. Here is how.

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Using Wood Filler for the Right Reasons

woodworking tips cards using wood fillerThe point of wood filler is to help disguise some of the smaller imperfections in a piece of woodworking. Small cracks, dings, and places where the surface just needs a little help.

Wood filler can be used to fill in cracks around knots, joints that are not exactly perfect, and surface dings that cannot be sanded out.

Using wood filler for other reasons, like hiding gigantic defects or incredibly poor craftsmanship is frowned upon, so make sure to keep it to smaller things. If you do, you will notice that over time, as you get better at woodworking, you will end up using the product less and less.

I wrote an entire tutorial on how to use wood filler, which you can see by following the link. The post gives you the nuts and bolts version, and the step by step instructions. If you are completely new to using wood filling products, then I really recommend reading that post.

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Other Uses For Wood Filler

Most of what you are going to be using filler on is new woodworking projects. However, you can use filler for repairs as well. Most repairs require material to be replaced. Wood filler is perfect for this.

The best filler that I have ever used is Mohawk brand two part reactive filler. This is a log that you cut from, mix, and it hardens much like epoxy. The material has a few minutes of open time, and then it starts to harden. Typically, you can sand and work it in around 15 minutes or less.

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This stuff is super strong, doesn’t shrink, and sands just like wood. Every other filler I have ever used has caused some kind of problem. Either it shrinks, sands like crap, or just doesn’t set up well. The Mohawk stuff has been perfect every time.

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