Woodworking Tips Cards – Start Small

This Woodworking Tips Card is called Start Small. When people pick up woodworking, they tend to over shoot their abilities. While aiming for the stars is a noble trait, keeping your feet on the ground is not without it’s value.

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Start Small and Finish Big

woodworking tips cards start smallMany new woodworkers try to swing for the fences on their first project, and sadly many of them fall short. It’s not that they failed to put in the effort, they just grabbed too much too soon. Small Projects are the best for first projects.

A sure fire way to become frustrated with woodworking is to attempt a huge project before having some smaller projects under your belt. These small projects help you learn, and they teach you about your tools along the way.

I have received emails from several new woodworkers that are frustrated with the craft, and think it’s too hard. Most of the time they are trying to make something that even seasoned professional struggle with. I always tell them the same thing, and that is to start small, then work into the bigger stuff.

With almost any type of woodworking, you can find smaller beginning level projects. If you want to make a book shelf that covers an entire wall, there are smaller versions that you can start with.

If you want to replace all of your kitchen cabinets, maybe start with a bathroom vanity and see how it goes. Sometimes it teaches you that the project is not what you really want to do. Sometimes, it solidifies your choice.

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The Danger in Starting Too Big

The last thing you want to do is start something big and quit learning woodworking. If you start small, you can build up to the big project and it will be easier.

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Also, the time it takes you to make the project will be far less, because you are not spending time learning how to do things at the same time you are trying to make your project.

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