Woodworking Tips Cards – The Square

This woodworking tips card is about the square. There are many types of squares, but the combination square is one of the most versatile. As a new woodworker, having a reliable method of making 90 degree lines is important. Here is why.

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The Square

woodworking tips cards the squareMost of woodworking is predicated on making square cuts, and making pieces of wood join together well. This requires making accurate cuts, and begins with making accurate marks.

A combination square is one of the most versatile kinds of squares, and is great to have in the shop. For another nice tool to have in the shop, check out my Heirloom Sanding Block.

Pick up a nice combination square from a hardware store or home improvement store. Look for one that has a nice weight, and doesn’t feel flimsy.

Some squares will come with a scribe and level. Others will not. It depends on the brand and the style. The most important part is to have a good feel, and have a nice smooth sliding action.

Using the Square

You can use the combination square any time that you need to make a 90 degree line, or a 45 degree line. Simply slide the square into position, and make your mark. You can also use the square to mark a long line by setting the ruler portion to be a certain length. Then, you slide it along with your pencil to make the mark.

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The square can also be used to square up a table saw, drill press or band saw. All you do is set the tool and make adjustments until the tools are square. You can measure several marks with a tape measure, and then come along with the square and make full marks that are a trusted 90 degrees.

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Make sure to pick up a combination square as a beginner. I use mine all the time, and it has helped me make better and more accurate measurements and marks.

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