Woodworking Tips Cards – Sanding Sticks

These woodworking tips are about sanding sticks. Sanding sticks are one of the most useful tools in the shop. Plus, you can make them yourself. This is how I make my sanding sticks, and I recommend that you do the same. I use them all the time.

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Woodworking Tips – Make Sanding Sticks

woodworking tips cards sanding sticksIt took me a while to really appreciate sanding sticks, and I regret it. I finally made a few of them when I was in between projects, and I haven’t looked back.

The sanding power and ease of use from a sanding stick is why they are so useful. If you have edges that need to be rounded, corners that need to be broken, or surfaces that need to be even, a sanding stick does the job quickly and easily.

The secret to making great sanding sticks is to use really long lasting sandpaper. The best paper is actually a sanding belt. Buy a sanding belt in 80 or 100 grit. Then, cut up a few blocks in different sizes. Cut pieces from the sanding belt that fit on the wooden blocks, and then stick them with wood glue.

I only cover one or two faces of my sticks with sandpaper, and sometimes I leave a little bare for a handle. The choice is yours, and I encourage you to make yourself several. One medium sized sanding belt will have enough material for dozens of blocks, so don’t worry about running out.

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Sanding Sticks Don’t Have to be Flat

You should also make a couple sanding sticks that are curved. You can do this by making a cove cut on the table saw, or sanding the stick into a curve or dome. Apply sandpaper from the belt the same as on the flat sticks, and you can now sand curved things too.

Lastly, you can even buy a couple larger diameter dowel rods or cylinder shaped pieces of wood and wrap them. Test fit the sanding belt and trim the excess so that the ends meet without overlapping. Then, use a few rubber bands and glue down the paper.

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Now, you have flat, curved, and round sanding sticks. Keep them on the bench and you will end up using them all the time. I know I do.

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