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A sanding block is a staple of the wood shop. Not only does a sanding block sand better and sand more efficiently than sanding by hand, it also sands smoother. This is a great project for beginning woodworkers. There are many benefits to making your own tools, and a sanding block is a great place to start.

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You Need a Good Sanding Block

woodworking tips cards sanding blockYou need a sanding block. As a beginning woodworker, having a sanding block will increase your production, and make the pieces look better. Spend some time making a sanding block, and you will receive several benefits.

First, when you make your own tools, you get a double benefit over buying them. You get to learn as you make it, and you benefit later on from using it. If you want a good tutorial to follow, my Heirloom Sanding Block is perfect.

Second, a sanding block increases the efficiency of your sanding and leveling processes. Sanding is a pain. This is also the point where most new woodworkers give up. They never see the light at the end of the sanding tunnel, so they either quit the project or stop too early.A sanding block fixes this problem.

When you use the block, it amplifies the efficiency at which you sand. It targets the area, and applies an even amount of pressure. This makes the sanding process go quicker, and the results look better.

Another advantage to using a sanding block is that you will sand more evenly. When you use sandpaper and your fingers, you transfer the profile of your fingers to the piece. This forms small low areas. It also sabotages your efforts. A block is flat, so it does not leave an uneven surface.

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Finally, make the block yourself. When you make your own tools, it warms you twice. This article sums it up and explains how making tools is a huge win for beginning woodworkers. If you make a few tools in the beginning, you will learn a ton, and be rewarded with new tools in the process.

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