Woodworking Tips Cards – The Router

This woodworking tips card is about the router. This tool is a great item to have in the shop if you are making wooden signs. It lets you dress up the edges really quickly, and the resulting look stands out. Here are a few reasons why having a router is great for wooden sign making.

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Creating a Decorative Edge with the Router

woodworking tips cards the routerWooden signs are super popular. They are also an easy woodworking project, which is why lots of beginners pick them up. If you are going to make wooden signs, you are going to need a router and a couple bits.

A wooden sign that does not have an edge treatment is not very attractive. Some of these signs do look good if the focus is elsewhere, but most signs do better with at least some kind of edge treatment.

The router can make this process really easy. With an Ogee bit, you can create a nice looking pattern around the outside of your signs quickly, and the look is very professional.

Lots of wooden sign makers use a router and an Ogee bit for their signs. This is so common, that simply using the router will make your signs look more professional. The Ogee is the most common pattern, but you can use any other style that you like in your router bit set.

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Routing the Edges with the Ogee Bit

If you want a full set of instructions, my DIY Established Sign Tutorial will walk you through it from beginning to end. The basic steps are that you secure your sign, and route the pattern around the edges.

I recommend using a test board first, and figuring out the depth of the router bit. For some bits, they work better at full depth. Others can have a different look depending on how deep you run them. Make a few passes on the test board and find something you like.

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After you are happy with the test, run the actual board through the same treatment. Be extra careful on the ends. These areas are tougher to route, and can sometimes be more difficult to cut. Take your time and make shallow passes. It will be easier on the router, and you will be less likely to ruin your piece.

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