Woodworking Tips Cards – Reading Tips and Tricks

This woodworking tips card is about reading tips and tricks. As a new woodworker, you can get a huge head start by absorbing as much material as possible. You need shop time too, but reading can be done in your down time, and it can get you ahead. Here is how.

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Reading Tips and Tricks to Learn Woodworking

woodworking tips cards reading tips and tricksThe great thing about tips and tricks is that they are everywhere online and easy to find. They are quick to read, and you can learn a lot in a short amount of time.

The other huge bonus to tips and tricks is that you can learn about woodworking throughout the day in your down time.

You are going to want to be out in the shop a lot in the beginning, but life will only allow you so much time. When you read about woodworking, you advance your skills without having to stop what you are doing.

Find a site you like (hopefully mine) and spend time reading tips, tricks, tutorials, and articles. It’s not the same as actually spending time in the shop, but you can fill your head with good information for your next shop session.

Read in Your Down Time

We all have down time. It comes and goes in small amounts. It’s not enough to really do anything too time consuming, but it’s perfect for reading about woodworking. 

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Most people take out their phones several dozen times a day to look at random things. They don’t realize how much they could learn if they took those small moments and turned them into a productive time instead of a wasted time.

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You can really make a lot of progress in the small times you normally waste. Think about how a few minutes here and there can add up over several months. You can really do a lot more than you think with those times.

Tips Give You Hard Earned Information at a Low Cost

The other really nice thing about tips is that you can absorb a ton of material in a short amount of time. Most tips help you avoid a huge mistake that lots of woodworkers encounter. Or, they teach you about a valuable tool or technique. These things took failure and time for the original woodworker to learn, and you can learn them just from reading.

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