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This woodworking tips card is about pen making. As a beginning woodworker, lathe turning is one of the best areas of woodworking to get into. The lathe is fairly easy to learn in the beginning, but it can present a lifetime of challenges as you advance through all that wood turning has to offer. Here is how to start.

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Pen Making as a Beginner Woodworking Project

woodworking tips cards pen makingMost new lathe turners get into making smaller items like pens, bowls, and pepper mills. Making these items is a great introduction to woodworking and wood turning.

As a beginner, pens are a project that you can learn quickly, and even start to sell or give away as you make them. The cost of starting up is low, and the process of learning basic pen making is fairly easy.

As you progress in lathe work, and even in making pens, you can find new challenges if you look around. The pens will top out long before the lathe will, and you can spend a lifetime learning all that the lathe can offer you for projects.

Here is a Turned Gavel that I made randomly on the lathe one day. It was a fun project, and quick too.

If you are struggling with what you want to do with woodworking, and you like the idea of turning on the lathe, start looking at videos about pen making and wood turning online. You will quickly be able to see if you like the process, and if you like what can be made.

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As you make your decision, know that turning can be picked up fairly quickly, so don’t worry too much about whether or not you will be able to do it. Most people can turn a pen with only a small amount of practice. Many can turn other things right away too after having made a couple pens.

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Other Mid Size Lathe Projects

Once you have a lathe, you can make several things using almost the same process as making pens. Pepper Mills, Pizza Cutters, Bottle Openers, and many more items are only an internet order away from being at your door.

There are several companies that sell kits for the lathe that are designed to give woodworkers a simple project with good results. Look for some of these projects to compliment your pens, and you can really get a lot from your lathe, even as a beginner.

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