Woodworking Tips Cards – Making Kids Toys

This woodworking tips card is about making kids toys. In the beginning, having a few simple projects to build can help you gain momentum. Kids toys tend to be plain, simple shapes, and not very elaborate. This is a huge opportunity for you, because making kids toys is a pleasure and a skill builder at the same time. Here is how.

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Making Kids Toys to Build Woodworking Skill

woodworking tips cards making kids toysNot only do kids toys give you an opportunity for many beginner level projects, they also give you something else that is even more special. You get to give away toys to kids.

There has never been any adult that I have ever worked with that has shown the same type of gratitude as a child. A kid will unabashedly express their gratitude and appreciation for their new toy, and will immediately run away and play with it.

As a woodworker, we all want to be appreciated for what we do. Making things for kids is one way that you will always feel that way. I make lots of toys for my son. I love the way it makes me feel, and I even wrote a book on Making Wooden Tool Toys For Kids.

If you really want to do something nice, plan to make several dozen toys. Pick them based on the woodworking skills you need to learn, and gather all of your materials. Once you make them, bring the toys down to a local children’s hospital or a day care center. The kids there will be happy to have new toys, and you will feel great too.

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Picking the Right Toys to Make

When you pick out your toys, do so based on what you are learning. If you have a brand new drill press, pick toys that require holes to be drilled. If you are the proud new owner of a band saw, then pick out toys with curved shapes.

If you are learning on the lathe, then I recommend looking into baby rattles, balls, and captive rings. All of these pieces and skills work together and cross into the toy making world.

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You can chose a commonly available species of wood for your toys too. Don’t think you have to make them from super expensive wood for the kids to like them. Even if you do a domestic hardwood that is on the inexpensive side, the kids will love the toys.

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