Woodworking Tips Cards – Making Jigs

This woodworking tips card will show you how making jigs is an important skill to have as a beginning woodworker. When you make your own jigs, you benefit in so many ways. Every new woodworker should be making their own jigs, and here is why.

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Making Jigs Benefits You Several Times Over

woodworking tips cards making jigsIf you are making several identical items, then having a jig is a great investment. A jig is just a homemade tool that helps you perform a woodworking process more easily.

Jigs make woodworking repeatable, more uniform, and in many cases safer. When you use a jig, you are going to get pieces that are very close to identical every time. For projects that require several of the same pieces, a jig is the way to go.

Also, a jig requires time and effort to make. The good thing is you will expand your woodworking knowledge. The bad thing is that people will rush through the jig making process.

People that rush through the jig making process often think that they are not working on the actual project when they are making a jig. That’s not true. Even though the jig is not part of the physical project, it’s just as important.

When you have a well made jig, it pays you back your time investment ten fold every time you use it. All you need to do is give it the time it deserves and make it well.

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Your final project made with a jig is only going to look as good as the jig itself. Make the jig like crap, and your project will look like crap. However, if you make the jig well, then it will turn out great looking pieces every time you use it.

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You are Qualified to Make Your Jigs

If you can make the project, then you can make the jigs in most cases. When you look at a jig for sale, see if you can make it first. I made the majority of my acoustic guitar making jigs myself, and it saved me hundreds of dollars. I even ended up writing a guitar making book that shows other people how to do the same thing.

You should look into making your own tools too. For the same reason a homemade jig adds to your woodworking knowledge, making your own tools does the same thing. You can start with my Heirloom Sanding Block. You will love it.

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