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This Woodworking Tips Card is called Making Gifts. When you make something for someone else, you get a double benefit. Not only do you learn while you are making the project, but you get to give something handmade to another person. It’s a huge win.

woodworking tips cards making giftsGifts are great projects for beginning woodworkers. It gives you something to make, and more importantly it gives you someone to make it for. Having that someone in the back of your mind helps you keep going when things get frustrating.

Here are a few projects of mine that can make great gifts.

Having something higher than woodworking driving you to produce in the shop is a powerful force. If you quit woodworking tomorrow, nothing is really going to happen. If you don’t have that gift you promised, then you may be in some trouble.

Pick out some easy projects that you can make as gifts for other people and let them know you are working on something for them. It will keep you motivated, because you have your word on the line. Don’t give them an end time, just in case something goes wrong. You need to have the motivation, but not the stress of a deadline. Once you have completed your project, you can proudly give it away.

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Candle holders, key racks, book holders, and cutting boards all make great gifts. Plus, each of them teaches you something new about woodworking. Select a project and make several of them at one time. As you make each piece, think about the person that is will be given to. A handmade gift is far more valuable than something from a store.

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