Woodworking Tips Cards – The Kreg Jig

This woodworking tips card is all about the Kreg Jig. This is one of the easiest joinery systems to work with, and it’s inexpensive too. The joints are strong, and they can be taken apart if needed. All great reasons to own a Kreg Jig.

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The Kreg Jig for Quick Joinery

woodworking tips cards the kreg jigThe Kreg Jig is simply a strong way of joining wood together with screws. You can buy the jig from many woodworking stores and some home improvement stores.

I recommend that you buy the vise grip style clamp that is sold alongside the jig, because it makes using the system much easier. You could always clamp it with a bar clamp too, but sometimes it’s nice to use it the way the maker intended.

The really nice thing about the clamp is that it automatically fits any size that you need it to. Simply set the tension, and it applies that same tension no matter how thick the piece. It’s almost like a magic trick, and fun to play with at first.

If you are making projects where you are joining pieces of wood together flat, or at 90 degree angles, the Kreg Jig is great for fast and easy joints. All you need is a drill to make the holes and drive the screws, and you can use it to make many different projects.

All you do is place the jig, drill the hole, align the pieces, and drive the screw. It’s super quick, and you can even dowel the screw holes to hide the joinery even more. Most of the time the screws will be on the inside anyway, but you always have the option.

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Why I Use the Kreg Jig

One of the reasons I really like the Kreg Jig is for projects were you need to join a lot of pieces that are all laid out flat. Think cabinet face frames. These are perfect for the Kreg Jig, and they go together quickly. I also used the jig for my DIY Photo Booth Frame that my wife has used for several parties. It made the build very quick.

Another time that I use the jig is when I need to join something flat together quickly, and I don’t want to hassle with dowels. Dowels are great, but sometimes they are a little too much for a simple project. The kreg Jig makes it quick and easy to join flat pieces, and it’s as fast as it takes to drill a hole.

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