Woodworking Tips Cards – Know Your Wood

This Woodworking Tips Card is called Know Your Wood. As a new woodworker, you may not know that much about wood. Specifically, the different types of wood that are available. It should not be a surprise that the more you know about wood, the better work you can produce. You can also create more interesting pieces too.

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Woodworking Tips – Know Your Wood

woodworking tips cards know your woodWood comes in nearly every color imaginable. It comes from everywhere around the world, and there are many places where you can find new species to work with.

One of the best ways to learn about the types of wood that are available is to go into a wood store. If you do not have a hardwood store in your area, go into a woodworking store. Take a little time and browse around.

Pick up the pieces, and see how they differ. This is one way to see what is available to use.

Another great way to know your wood is to look online. There are many people online that enjoy woodworking. Most of them also like talking about it. See what types of wood they are using.

Send them an email and ask a couple questions. Most woodworkers love to talk about their craft.

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After you find something you like, buy a piece and take it home. Once you have it in the shop, try it out and see if you like working with it.

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Some woods work easier than others, but for many of the exotic woods the effort pays off. Each piece you experiment with will become yet another option when you decide to make something.

I wrote another article about 5 Great Woods for Ring Making that also illustrates this point, and will introduce you to some interesting pieces right away. The more you know about what kinds of wood you can use, the more resources you have for making projects.

Sometimes the difference between a good project and a great project is the wood choice. The more you know about wood, the better you will be at woodworking.

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