Woodworking Tips Cards – Hand Plane

This woodworking tips card is about making a hand plane. As a new woodworker, making tools is a huge win. When I made my first hand plane I was blown away by how nice it was to have a good plane in the shop. You can do the same, and hopefully you don’t wait as long as I did to make your own.

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Making Your Own Hand Plane

woodworking tips cards hand planeThe Krenov model for making a hand plane is probably the best wooden hand plane design out there. You can find hundreds of examples online, and there are books on making wooden hand planes as well.

The hand plane on the card is my first, which I use all the time in my shop. It’s hideous when compared to some of the others you will see online, but it works like a champ.

I never really appreciated the hand plane until I made one for myself. The story is pretty funny, and I share it in my post on Sharp Tools and my Odd Discovery.

You are going to have to use several tools, make accurate measurements, and learn how to hone a plane iron for this one small project.

As a beginning woodworker, this is going to be a test of your abilities. However, once you are through the process, you will have more refined skills and a new tool to work with.

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Making Your Own Tools Warms You Twice

Any time you make a tool, you get a huge bonus. Not only do you learn about woodworking as you are making the item, but you get a new tool in the end. This tool will be far more valuable than anything you could buy in a store.

a beginners guide to woodworking helping new woodworkers make better projects woodworking

A handmade tool becomes a treasure in your shop. When you make something, you give it a lot of value. You enjoy using it more, and you feel more of a connection with how it works.

I wrote about how handmade tools Warm You Twice using a quote about chopping wood. It makes sense, and it’s one of the reasons that I recommend beginning woodworkers make a lot of tools at first.

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