Woodworking Tips Cards – Clamps and Drilling

This woodworking tips card is about safety when drilling. Many new woodworkers discover safety after something happens to them. Through a mistake, they learn the true power of the machines in the shop. Don’t let this be you. Here is a simple woodworking tip that can save your fingers.

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Use Clamps When Drilling Small Pieces

woodworking tips cards clamps and drillingThe drill has a lot of power. So does the drill press. You do not have the ability to hold down a piece of wood if your drill bit catches and grabs the piece.

You also do not have the ability to react quickly enough to let go. Ask me how I know this.

When drilling smaller pieces, make it a habit to clamp them to the drill press table. Or, clamp them to the bench. Use a piece of scrap at the bottom, and that will prevent blow out. It also protects your bench.

Test the security of the piece by tugging on it. Try to move it around. If you have an incredibly hard time doing so, or you can’t move it at all, then you are probably fine to drill.

If you can move the piece easily, then adjust your clamps or add another clamp. The point is to isolate the piece, and lock it down completely. This does a couple things. It makes the drilling operation safer, and it also lets you use both of your hands for drilling.

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Any time you can free up both hands, you are in more control when drilling.

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Consider Larger Pieces When Drilling

Another woodworking tip is to use larger pieces when drilling. If you can, drill the piece from a larger chunk of wood, and then cut off the remainder.

This will give you a larger piece to clamp to the bench. It will be more secure, and easier to clamp too.

Any time you are drilling, make sure to clamp down the piece. Not only will you be safer, but you will have more consistent results. Be safe in the shop, and you will have a long career making things you love.

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