Woodworking Tips Cards – Clamping Pressure

This woodworking tips card is about clamping pressure. As a new woodworker, this tip is going to be very helpful. When you clamp things together, the amount of clamps that you use and the amount of pressure makes a difference.

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It’s Better to Use Even Clamping Pressure

woodworking tips cards clamping pressureIf you have the choice, it’s much better to use even clamping pressure than high pressure. This means you need to use more clamps. Even smaller projects can benefit from several clamps being used.

When you are going to glue a couple pieces of wood together, look at the way you clamp them. If you can get a couple or a few clamps all around the edges, this is better than using one clamp right in the middle.

The more you can add clamps to the mix, the more even your clamping pressure will be. This does a few things. First, it closes gaps. Gaps make your glue up look bad, and it can be hard to close them all with one clamp.

Second, even pressure causes less squeeze out. When you ratchet down one clamp to try and close all of your gaps, you inevitably crush out a lot of glue in the process. This is a waste, because adding another clamp would have solved the problem.

Use Several Clamps

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Lastly, the pieces being glued will tend to slide around less if you use several clamps. Using a few will allow you to control the movement of the pieces. This is very important, and ensures that the pieces wont slide around after you glue them.

When you are gluing wood for your next project, take the time to use several clamps. Dial up the pressure evenly on all of them, and space them evenly. This will result in better joints, less gaps, and a much more fun woodworking experience.

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