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Woodworking music can be a challenge in the shop. There are loud tools, distractions, and it can be tough to actually have music enhance the experience. Having listened to several types of music in the shop, I have recently switched to something different.

woodworking musicI live in the desert. It rains about 25-30 days a year. Coming from Chicago, I loved it it first, because it rained all the time back east. However, after nearly two decades in the desert, I love when it rains.

The major problem for me with woodworking music in the shop is that the machines cut it off regularly. If I have a project where I am using the belt sander, the music might as well be off. I tried blasting it, but it interfered with my thinking, and the distractions can be dangerous around power tools.

I recently discovered (through Pinterest) a great website called Rainy Mood. It plays a 30 minute loop of a thunder storm, and it is incredible for someone living in a dry area. The site is free, and it will play the loop over and over again. This is great woodworking music for many reasons.

There are several benefits to listening to this type of music in the shop. First, it does not matter when you use a loud tool. Rain is rain, so there are no lyrics to miss. Second, the sound doesn’t interfere with the thinking process like traditional music. I really love music, so when a song I like comes on, that’s all I can think about sometimes.

Woodworking music should enhance your workflow, not cause distractions, and allow you to think clearly as you work.

Lastly, calming sounds have been shown to increase brain function, relaxation, and overall calmness. All of these are good to have in the shop. A calm, thinking woodworker makes less mistakes, and can develop ideas better. I still do listen to regular music from time to time, but when I use the Rainy Mood website for my woodworking music, the process feels different.

Rainy Mood has an app, but you have to pay for it. They give you more options on sliders where you can increase or decrease the intensity of certain sounds, but the free version online is very good just like it is. I leave my phone on the edge of the bench and let the loop play over and over, and it requires zero maintenance. (It also helps when I’m working on my website.)

For something to read while you are listening to the rain, take a look at my Free PDF guides, the 10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing, and 50 Woodworking Tips. Both are free to download, and open in Adobe Reader.

If you have any questions on woodworking music, please leave a comment and I will answer them. Happy building.

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