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Building a woodworking library is very important. There are easy ways to build your own personal reference library, and inexpensive ways too. I’ll show you everything you need to know, and you can become a much smarter woodworker. Enjoy.

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woodworking library

Woodworking has many different fields and disciplines. Essentially anyone making something from wood can be considered a woodworker.

The range is endless, and if you are trying to learn new techniques, one of the best ways is to read books.

(I covered up the name of one book that I am working on currently…just so I don’t ruin the surprise. It’s next to my Acoustic Guitar Making Book on the shelf, and will be out soon.)

Search around for places that have second hand books. These are some of the best places to find excellent reading material. I own dozens of books that were under $5, and several more that were $1 on clearance.

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There are used book stores everywhere, and they are worth the drive.

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Collecting Woodworking Books

woodworking libraryI am primarily a guitar maker, but I make lots of other small projects as well. I have books on general woodworking, guitar making, using specific tools, finishing, inlaying, design, and more.

Each of these books has taught me something I didn’t know. They also help build your arsenal of techniques that you can apply to different areas of woodworking.

For example, I learned contrast staining from a book on tobacco pipe making. That technique is beautiful, and I have since made other projects using the process.

Had I not taken a look at tobacco pipe making, I may never have learned the process, which I can’t imagine because I use it all the time and love it. The knowledge has made several other aspects of my woodworking better.

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Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

How Learning About New Things Can Help Old Things

woodworking libraryLearning about violin making helped me become a better carver. After carving a violin scroll, carving and shaping an acoustic guitar bridge is a walk in the park.

Tobacco pipe making also taught me about Briar. This is an amazingly durable and beautiful wood. I have used this on many other projects (like my wedding ring) and really enjoy working with it.

Combining techniques is one way that the woodworking library can help you learn more and become a better woodworker. You will also have a nice reference that you can go back to when you are stuck and in need of some help.

Your woodworking library will help you learn new techniques. Apply these to other areas of woodworking and broaden their potential.

Grow Your Library Quickly

My woodworking library has grown very large over the years. I try to pick up at least a few new books a year, but when I find them on sale for as low as $1 I will buy a dozen or more at one time.

The Book Store is Now Open!   Happy Building!

This is how you make progress. Search out a second hand store or clearence store for books, and bring about $100 with you. If you are selective and a pinch lucky, you can bring home fifty or more books. This is a huge start for your personal library.

If you search around and look for deals, you will soon have lots of good information to go through and try in the shop.

If you create your woodworking library and become a student of the craft, you will enjoy your shop time that much more. The knowledge you need to accomplish what you desire will be easily available, and you will produce higher quality work.

My Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Making Books shows you several good resources for guitar making.

What’s your favorite woodworking book? Share the name and author and we can all benefit from finding another great book.

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