Woodworking for the Beginner

I get asked for advice from beginners about woodworking all the time. Woodworking for the beginner can be a real challenge, because there seems to be an endless amount of information that you need to know. The fact is woodworking is an enjoyable hobby at any level. Even a complete beginner can have success making easier projects.

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woodworking for the beginnerThe number one tip I can give to any new woodworker is an age old saying that you have probably heard a thousand times before. Practice makes perfect. There is no substitute for spending time in the shop, and the more time you spend, the better you will get.

Another good tip…is to read tips. When you read  about woodworking tips, you can ingest a large mount of information in a small time frame. You won’t remember most of it, but over time you will ingrain those ideas into your brain. More importantly, you will be able to recall them for future use.

I have a free PDF full of woodworking tips for the beginner, and they can help get you on the way to learning about woodworking. If you want to learn more about wood finishing, I have a wood finishing guide that can help you there as well. This is another free PDF that you can save on your computer and read later.

If you like a little inspiration to get you going, I have that too. I promise that it does not matter how you start your woodworking adventure, it matters how you finish. My first acoustic guitar was terrible. It was a learning experience though, and I have made far better instruments since then.

Seeing where I started really throws what I can do now into perspective. You never really see the change in your ability as you go. It’s kind of like losing weight. When someone sees you every day, they may not notice anything. However, someone who has not seen you in weeks will notice instantly. Just because you may not feel like you are developing super quickly, don’t believe you aren’t developing at all. It’s happening. You just can’t tell.

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woodworking for the beginnerFinally, there is knowing what you need to do, and knowing what you need to avoid. If you spend a little time learning about the pitfalls of woodworking and wood finishing, this will boost your ability as well.

I talk about my 17 worst ways to ruin your woodworking project in another article, and they detail what to avoid. There are common beginner mistakes that can easily be avoided once you know about them. This is the stuff that seasoned woodworkers have ruined projects to learn. It helps to know them right from the start, and you will save lots of time and money.

a beginners guide to woodworking helping new woodworkers make better projects woodworking

If you have any questions on woodworking for the beginner, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share this article with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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