Woodworking Is Different For Everyone

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Woodworking is different for everyone. That is why you can see so many different things being made by people that all call themselves woodworkers. One of the most interesting and amazing parts of woodworking is that so many different disciplines fall under the very same umbrella. This is why it has so many followers.

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The long story short version is that you can definitely find something exciting to make if you look around. Woodworking is a means to an end, and it will serve you well as you create with wood.

Woodworking is Different to Everyone

woodworking is different for everyoneAnyone who makes something out of wood is within the woodworking realm. That can be someone who makes huge furniture pieces, or another who makes toothpicks.

For example, this wooden bead is a simple project, and a small portion of woodworking.

A jewelry maker or a bead maker is a woodworker, and these are the results of their labor.

Someone making beads from other materials is not a woodworker, but they are still a bead maker. Woodworking is different for everyone, and that’s why it attracts so many people. No matter what you are doing, you are working to turn wood into something better than it was before.

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woodworking is different for everyoneNot too far away from making wooden beads would be this wooden pendant. Another simple project from my site, but there are many people who make nothing but wooden pendants.

These artisans craft their pendants using different gluing and cutting techniques to present the most beautiful pieces they can.

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A woodworker that has a strong creative side (not me) could really make quite a living designing jewelry from wood. Not only does the look stand out, but there is no limit to the level of creativity and beauty that you could bring to the craft.

woodworking is different for everyonePipe makers also work with wood. This burl species is shown in the natural state, without any stain. The wood is beautiful, and the pipe has a simple look.

The person who makes pipes may never make anything else. However, they are still a woodworker. They create something useful and beautiful from wood, and those who buy their products enjoy them.

The pipe maker has a desire to create a tobacco pipe for themselves or for others, and they use wood to make that a reality. There are other things that pipes are made from, like metal or glass, but they do not have the traditional feeling and beauty that wood pipes have.

woodworking is different for everyoneAnother interesting thing about woodworking is that it is all different, but can also be closely related. Wood choice is a perfect example.

In all of the pictures in this article, the same species of wood was used, which is Briar. Even though the projects differ, they could have been made from the exact same block of wood.

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Though woodworking is a very wide field, it can also be narrow. The fact that there are several different disciplines using wood that comes from the same tree shows how interconnected woodworking really is.

When you spend time learning about different projects, it broadens your ability to work on your main project. Just look at all the different things that were made from just one species in this article.

If you have any questions about Woodworking is Different For Everyone, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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