Woodworking Books and Self Study

Woodworking books can teach you almost every different aspect of the craft. If you use them correctly, you can absorb lots of great information and training. There are many ways to learn about woodworking, and books can be beneficial to you for a number of reasons.

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Woodworking Books are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They are an easy way to learn a new aspect of woodworking, and dive deep.
  • Books often times trigger other ideas and techniques.
  • Books are inexpensive, and a library is easy to build.
  • A little reading each day can add up to hundreds of hours of education per year.

woodworking booksWoodworking books are great for learning about a new aspect of the craft. If you all of a sudden get into making traditional carpenters benches, there are dozens of resources for that. Or, if you really want to turn a goblet, there are books for that as well.

A good selection of woodworking books that are geared to specific topics will allow you to quickly pick up the important concepts. Once you have these in your mind, you can go into the shop with a higher chance of being successful.

Another reason woodworking books are such an incredible resource, is that they often times spur new ideas and designs. I can’t count how many times I have been reading a woodworking book and all of a sudden solved a problem I was working on. I also get new ideas for my other woodworking projects when I read. These ideas come from reading about something completely unrelated most of the time.

woodworking booksIf you know where to look, a woodworking library is easy to build. It can also be a lot less expensive than it sounds. You can have a lot of luck digging through Amazon for used books as well, and sometimes you can get great woodworking books for as little as a couple dollars. I’ve gotten books where the shipping was more than the price of the book before.

Look around for deals, and start piling up woodworking books. When you read every day, the small time investment adds up. If you were to read for just one hour a day, after a year you would have 365 hours of woodworking instruction. If you have a day off, or an opportunity to read more, you may get over 1,000 hours of instruction in a year. It adds up quickly, and over time you can become very knowledgeable.

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Lastly, spend some time in the shop. If you are really working on a new technique, read a lot, then take it into the shop. Woodworking books are great, but you will definitely need to spend the time applying the knowledge in order for you to retain it.

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