Wooden Tools For Kids

My latest book, Wooden Tools For Kids is now available! I made a full set of toy woodworking tools for my son, and photographed the entire building process for the book. He loves each and every one of them, and anyone who wants to make heirloom toys will love this tool set as well.

The Book Store is Now Open!   Happy Building!

Wooden Tools for Kids Book

wooden tools for kids

Inside the book are detailed instructions for making twenty wooden tools for kids. They include fine woodworking tools like a draw knife, dovetail saw, and marking gauge. There are also instructions for common tools like a hammer, screwdriver set, and square.

Some of my personal favorites are a level with dowel bubble tubes, and a Krenov style hand plane. These tools are so realistic, and they make it easy for a child to pretend that they are working in the shop with their parents.

With such a comprehensive set that is easy to make, the are sure to become a family treasure.  The glue roller, leather faced strop, and flat ruler are great looking too.

The book is available on Amazon Here: Wooden Tools For Kids

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wooden-hand-plane-toyEach kids tool is presented in an easy to follow step-by-step manner, and they can be made with standard woodworking tools. There are no metal fasteners used in the construction process.

All pieces are glued together and then dowels are used in key places for strength. This is an older style of making things that has stood the test of time.

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If you are interested in making handmade toys for kids, then you will really enjoy this book, and the tools that you can create. There is nothing like giving something handmade to a child.

As a woodworker and a father, seeing my son’s face light up when I give him something I made from the shop is beyond compare. If you ever want to feel extraordinarily appreciated for your woodworking, make something for a kid. I promise you will love the feeling.

If you have any questions about Wooden Tools For Kids, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

If you would like to start making tools for children,  Wooden Tools For Kids is for you.

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