Wooden Ring Gallery

Here is a small sample of the wooden rings that were created for my book on making wooden rings.  These are some of the best, and the beauty and classic look really stand out.  Wooden rings are very easy to make with only a few tools, and the look is largely a product of wood selection.

Wood comes in so many different colors and patterns, and even the same species can have some variation in the figure of the piece.  A quick trip into a local hardwood store or an online wood seller will reveal quite a selection.  When making rings, especially laminated rings where multiple species of wood are glued together to form a blank, the wood is what makes the difference.  Spend some time looking around at what is available and make your choice based on the desired look.  If you want a red ring for example, choose Padauk, Red Heart, or Bloodwood.  Each of these are red in color naturally, and will require no extra staining or dying.