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This was a fun project that I made a while ago, and gave to my wife as a gift. This is a wooden comb, made from Spanish Cedar and Cocobolo, which was buffed to a gloss on my Beall Wood Buff System.

Handmade Wooden Comb

wooden comb

The jig used to make the teeth is a simple Box Joint Jig for the table saw.  

Set the jig to make cuts that are 1/8″ apart, and forming the teeth of the comb is very easy.

Almost any wood species can be used for the comb, and this project can even be made from scraps left over from other projects. This is great, because you can make your comb from free materials, and that means a free woodworking project.

wooden combFor the handle, I knew that I wanted something that would stand out and contrast with the Spanish Cedar.  I had a strip of Cocobolo that I use for acoustic guitar binding, so I took a couple pieces from that and accented the spine.

First, create the teeth with the box joint jig, then cut the rabbets for the accents on the spine.  All of this can be done on the table saw with a zero clearance insert for making the rabbets.

Then, glue on the accent strips and sand everything smooth once the piece dries.  Finally, buff the comb on  buffing setup like the Beall Wood Buff System, and it will have a nice subtle gloss that will last a long time.

Making a Wooden Comb is a fun small project that anyone can accomplish with a simple jig and some patience.  They are great gifts, and have a sturdy feel.

wooden combWooden combs were used long time ago, and were eventually replaced with combs made from bone, ivory, and finally plastic.  

These are from a time when things were made by hand, and even a simple comb took someone time and effort to create.  Give one of these as a gift.  

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The recipient will be happy to have something that was homemade, and given from the heart.

I do not apply a finish to these combs, instead they are buffed with polishing compounds. They are best used on dry hair, as wetness can ruin the gloss and cause the wood to swell.

Most times, a gift like this will be kept as a keepsake rather than actually used.  Letting the recipient know how to care for the item ensures that it will last a lifetime.

Happy building.

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