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I am happy to report that all of the woodworking projects that I have been making for gifts are all completed, and I am relaxing with my family. It’s been quite a bit of work to get everything done, but it’s been worth it. The bonus from making all of these projects is that very soon there are going to be several more tutorials on the website.

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established sign

Several people this year received established signs or pallet style signs. I already have an existing tutorial that explains an earlier version that I made, but I will also include tutorials for the new signs. There were several newly styled wall art pieces too. I made these to look like pallets, and my wife added the graphics.

Making the signs was a lot of fun, and when it was all said and done I had almost twenty completed in a few days. The individual projects themselves are fairly easy, but doing several of them takes some time.

homemade wooden train couplers

The pride and joy of my woodworking this season has been for my son. I made him a wooden train set, complete with an engine, open top cars, tanker, three tank truck, and a log car. I really had fun building each car, and he absolutely loved them.

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We had Christmas a little early this year with my family, so my son has already received the wooden train set. It was a stiff competition. I was up against a talking Elmo doll, and a Cozy Coop Car.

Elmo came out first, and I thought I was going to be dead in the water. He was so excited to see the new toy. My train came out next, and to my surprise he dropped Elmo on the floor and went right to them. After that, the Cozy Coop came out, and after spending about five minutes inside the car, he ran right back to the trains.

handmade wooden train

I was very happy that he liked what I made for him. Anyone can buy things from a store, but it takes an extra effort to make something by hand as a gift. My tiny boss has always loved the toys I make for him, and the train was no exception.

We did have to work with him about how a train needs to be pulled, not pushed. He was trying to push it from the back end and it wouldn’t go anywhere for him. Once he learned how to pull it from the engine car, he spent quite a while dragging it all around the living room.

I will be adding the tutorials for making the wooden train to the website over the next several weeks. Each one of them has dozens of pictures, so I am going to have to work through the process and make sure that I teach it well.

Each one is a fairly easy build, and I will add them one at a time. You can go nuts with all of the pre-made wooden parts that you can buy for a wooden train. This toy was intentionally kept simple, though you can add those things later on if you like.

Thank you all for visiting, and after Christmas is over I will resume my work and keep posting more woodworking tips, tricks, and tutorials for the Westfarthing Woodworks community! Have a safe holiday, and happy building.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

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