My Son’s Wooden Hand Plane Toy

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I am very close to finishing my next book, which should be out in a couple weeks. It’s on making wooden tools for kids. These toys encourage the imagination, and teach kids all about tools at the same time. The set I am describing in the book is the same set that I made for my son. He loves them all, and I couldn’t be happier.

wooden-hand-plane-toyThis is the wooden hand plane toy from the book, made in the Krenov style. I used Curly Maple for the faces, and Walnut for the body. The wedge is also Curly Maple.

This is a wooden toy, so there is no iron or chip breaker. The wedge is glued and doweled in place so that it does not come out of the toy. I discuss securing kids toys in another article, as it is important to build strongly when making toys for kids.

My son is still fairly young, so when he received this toy, he started pushing it around the floor and making an engine sound. Even though he thinks it’s a car, he really enjoys playing with it, and one day he will learn that it is a small plane. I wrote another book for him called 100 Words for Kids: Tools, and I have also been teaching him his tool names for a while now.

After making my son a few wooden toys, I knew I was going to have to make him a whole set. They all match perfectly, and people love them.

Making things for my son has been a real pleasure, and I enjoy every project. When I made him a few quick wooden tool toys before, he really liked them. That prompted me to make him an entire matching set. I photographed the process along the way (as I typically do with my projects). Then, I decided to share it in book format.

After showing several people the complete set, they all agreed that the pieces were beautiful, and some even asked what I was selling them for. The tools are not very difficult to make, and the book will provide step by step instruction.

Once I publish, I will share it on my site. I look forward to hearing feedback on how the set looks. If you have any questions on my wooden hand plane toy, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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