Solving Problems in Woodworking

Woodworking is largely a process of solving problems in the beginning. How do I cut a curved line? What is a burnisher for? How much glue is enough? When you first start out, remember that you are going to have a lot of problems to solve. It’s ok. You will make it, and here is why.

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You are Not the First Person with This Problem

solving problemsEven though it can be frustrating in the beginning trying to figure something out, you should not worry. You are not the first person to encounter this problem, and you won’t be the last.

The solution in out there. All you need to do is go find it. Thankfully, we live in the age of Google, so there should never be any time that you have a question without an answer.

I wrote about Following People Online in another post, and this can help you answer questions too.

Spend a little time looking online and seeing if you can fins an answer to your problem. If you are a member of a forum, this is a great place to start asking.

Odds are someone has gone through the same thing before, and they will be happy to help you avoid the trouble.

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If you can’t find someone on a forum, look for someone with experience and send them an email with your question. I get emails like this all the time and I answer them all. Sometimes they are even completely unrelated to anything I show on my site or in my books.

If you cannot find someone to email, then start searching online and watching videos to see if you can find a solution. Search the thing you are trying to figure out, and ask questions in your search.

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Many times, people type a question into Google, and this is how the results are found. When you search this same way, you will more than likely find what you are looking for.

When you do find what you are after, take your new information out into the shop and keep moving your project forward. Be confident that you learned something new, and that you were able to solve your own problem.

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