The Secret to Making String Art

This is the secret to making string art. If you want to know how to get your nails all lined up nicely, and how to get them to the same depth, this is for you. I promise that there is a far easier way to make string art than pounding in nails for hours.

The Easy Way to Make String Art

the secret to making string artIf you really want to get your string art to the point where it looks professional, do not hammer in the nails. Instead, use a drill.

The best way to do this is to use a drill press, because it drills straight every time. However, if you have a hand drill you can still make it work.

Once you have selected your nails, use a caliper or a micrometer to measure the diameter of the shank. Once you know your measurement, dig out your drill index. Find a bit that is just smaller than the shank of the nails. If you get the perfect drill, you can almost push in the nails by hand. However, even if you still have to hammer them, it’s far easier.

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Mark out your design using a ruler. Measure for the nail locations, and mark them. This is where great string art is born. The preparation. Spend some time getting the prep work done well, and it will pay off later on.

If you want to see my full String Art Heart Tutorial, it’s available here.

Drilling the Locations for Your String Art

the secret to making string artOnce you have all the marks on your design, drill them with the bit you selected. Set the depth guide on the drill press so that the drill goes deep enough without coming out the other side of the piece. If you are drilling by hand, wrap a piece of masking tape around the bit to show you where to stop. Now, start drilling!

Take your time, again, the prep stage is where you make the magic happen. Do not rush the drilling phase. Take your time, and carefully drill each location. If you are drilling by hand, make sure that the drill is going in straight every time. Don’t worry if it’s a little off, just be aware of how straight you are going.

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Pounding In the Nails

Once you are done, finish the wood in the color of your choosing. Then, start putting the nails into place. Set them carefully with a small hammer. Don’t hammer too hard, because you only want them to go to the bottom of the drilled hole. After they are all in place, tap any of them in that are sticking out too far.

It is far easier to get the nails looking good when you drill them first. You will see that they go in easily, and they are much more even. Use this technique for making string art on all of your projects and they will all go much easier.

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