Sawdust Layers In the Shop

I saw this in my shop and I had to share it. Apparently, I could stand to clean my shop far more than I actually do, but in this case I am really glad I saw this. On my band saw, there was a small area where the dust from several projects had been piling up. These sawdust layers created a small window into the types of wood I have been working with.

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sawdust layersThis was really interesting to see. From top to bottom, this small pile represents several weeks of work with different types of wood. I can tell that I have layers of Mahogany, Rosewood, Koa, and Pine. I know that I use these wood species all the time, but seeing them all like this is really cool.

From top to bottom, are all of my recent projects, in reverse order. Apparently I have not worked with Rosewood in a while, because the two really dark layers are on the bottom of the pile. I remember making a couple wooden rings with Rosewood a few weeks ago, so that must me the two dark lines.

Sometimes we forget all of the things we work on, and they all blend together. Taking pictures can be a good way to preserve your woodworking memories, but things like this sawdust pile can also do that for you. It’s a silly thing maybe, but there is a lot of history in this sawdust pile. I almost wish I could cast it with some resin and turn a pen or something from the blank. That way, I could keep the memories. I have a feeling though that I will have to settle for the picture, and the fun story.

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