Quick Faux Guitar Necks

I had a customer a while ago that wanted me to make a set of faux guitar necks for a project that he was working on. He makes guitars from aluminum. These are pieces of art, and he showcases his welding ability on the bodies, then attaches wooden necks. He makes three dimensional models, and flat models.

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faux guitar necksThis set of necks was easy to create using templates on the router table. Templates are a great way to increase the speed and accuracy of your woodworking. Especially when you have to make several of the same piece, templates can be a huge help.

I explain more about templates here, but the main point is that the time you invest in making a good template will be returned ten fold as you crank out perfect pieces in record time. The up front investment is always well worth it, because your pieces will be very accurate and uniform.

This project required making two templates. One for the headstock, and one for the fretboard. The headstock template was made from Maple, and shaped precisely to the style that the customer wanted. I spent a while making sure that the edges were smooth, and that the size was perfect. Since every other headstock would be made from this one template, the quality of the pieces I made would only be as good as the quality of the template. A little extra time here made a huge difference.

faux guitar necksThen, I made a template for the fretboard. I made it from Pine as well, and it is the same exact size as the fretboards on the faux guitar necks. Again, I made sure that the edges were nice and smooth, because the router table will copy any rough areas from the template to the new piece.

Once you are done making the templates, use a flush cutting bit in the router table to make copies of the template. First, cut out a blank that is very close in size to the template. The less you have to remove with the router, the easier the process will be. Then, screw the template to the top of the blank. Make sure that the screws go into the piece, but not so far that they stick out the other side. Check for security as well, the pieces need to be locked together very well.

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Pass the template and blank around the flush cutting bit, so that the bearing rides against the edges of the template. Once you trim the blank flush, remove the screws. Attach another blank, and repeat the process for as many copies as you need. Try this process for your own woodworking projects, and you will be able to make a large number of pieces in far less time than making them one at a time.

If you have any questions on Quick Faux Guitar Necks, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share this with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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