Quick and Easy Mobile Base

A quick and easy mobile base can be the solution to your mobility problem, without having to fork over a ton of money. Mobile bases are expensive. There are many nice products to choose from, but at the end of the day it’s just a frame with wheels. This is something you can easily make in the shop, and for a fraction of the price.

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easy mobile baseI have a lot of mid size tools. Being a guitar maker primarily, I don’t need the biggest of woodworking machines. However, they still take up space, and many times they need to be moved around.

If you have a garage shop, working with your tools on mobile bases is a huge space saver. You can wheel your tools outside when you start working, and free up space. Once you are done, wheel them back inside and close the door. This is a great way to use a small space effectively, and mobile bases make the tools a breeze to move. Even a single car garage can become a huge work space when everything rolls out of the way.

How to make a quick and easy mobile base:

To make a nice mobile base, cut 2X4’s to the same size as your tool base. Make two pieces for the width, and two for the length. Square them up, and screw the ends together. Then, mount casters to the bottom. Finally, place the tool on top, and secure it to the base.

Tool security is important. You want to make sure that your tools don’t fall off these bases, so either screw in the feet, or box them in when you don’t have anything to screw through. In the picture above, there were tabs on the feet with holes. I fired some wood screws through them with washers, and the setup was nice and solid.

Pick out locking casters for the homemade mobile base, so you can lock down the tool when in use. Make sure they are nice quality, because you don’t want your tools moving when you are using them. This is very important, and should not be overlooked.

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If you have any questions about my Quick and Easy Mobile Base, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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