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toy wooden car

Wooden Toy Car

This is a wooden toy car that I made for my son, and it has an interesting design feature.  This car will always roll, whether...
inlace inlay mixture

Inlace for Easy Wood Inlays

Inlace is a pre-mixed epoxy product that makes doing inlay work very easy.  The product comes in many different mixtures that all have a...
traditional wood filler

Homemade Wood Filler

When my father gave me the carpenters bench that his father owned for many years, it was completely black from age and use. There...
Briar wedding ring

Briar Wedding Ring

When it came time for me to select a wedding ring, I knew that I wanted a wooden ring.  The only objection I had...
dye stain

Dye Stain Tips

My favorite kind of wood stains are dye stains, and for a number of reasons.  Dye stains can be mixed together to create custom...
french polish

High Gloss French Polishing

This board was one of my very first test pieces for the French Polishing process, and it has an extremely high gloss.  The reflection...
cheap hardwood

Good Hardwood For Cheap

In this picture there are about 25 pieces of wood that were all taken from a cutoff bin at a hardwood store that I...

How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil

Tru-Oil from Birchwood Casey is my absolute favorite wood finish. Not only does it enhance the natural beauty of wood, but it is also...
rusticated tobacco pipe

Rusticated Tobacco Pipe

This is a Briar tobacco pipe with a black and red contrast stain that accents the peaks and valleys on the surface.  For this pipe,...
padauk acoustic guitar

Custom Acoustic Guitar Making

Padauk is one of the most beautiful species of wood to work with, and surprisingly it is not very expensive. Padauk is a gorgeous red...

Attention New Woodworkers!

a beginners guide to woodworking book to help new woodworkers make betterwoodworking projects Do you want to learn about woodworking and need a little help figuring it all out? I can show you what you need to know to be successful, including:
    • Why you don't actually want to be a woodworker.
    • The easy way to choose a successful project.
    • How to break down and analyze any project.
    • How to research your projects the right way.
    • How to pick a project that has a higher success rate.

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wooden toy hammer

Making a Toy Hammer

I have been working on a series of Walnut and Curly Maple toy tools for my book over the last several weeks, and it has...
wooden hand plane toy

Wooden Hand Plane Toy

This is what I have on the bench right now among other projects.  I am making my son a wooden hand plane toy that...

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Making Books

I have been making guitars for almost 20 years, and have been self taught since the very beginning.   There are many good acoustic guitar...
curly maple

The Beauty of Curly Maple

Curly Maple is one of the best looking types of figured wood, and is also one of the least expensive.  Higher grades will always...

Are You Paying Too Much For Sandpaper?

Most woodworkers have a palm sander of some type, which takes special sandpaper in some instances.  Many smaller sanders will accept a 1/4 sheet...
100 words for kids

100 Words For Kids: Tools

100 Words For Kids: Tools was written for my son, so I could easily teach him the names of the tools in my shop. My...
carbide lathe tool

Carbide Lathe Tool

Here is a close up of my square carbide lathe tool.  The square insert is great for roughing out shapes and removing material quickly,...
50 woodworking tips

50 Woodworking Tips

50 woodworking tips is another free guide where I share some of my favorite woodworking tips and tricks.  The guide is available as a free...
pistol grips

New .45 Long Colt Grips

A fun woodworking project is to change out the grips on a pistol with a new handmade set from an exotic wood species.  In...
handmade wand

Making a Wand

Wouldn't it be nice if these worked?  This wand was made for my wife who went as Mad Eye from Harry Potter for Halloween...