My Newest Guitar Making Book

My newest guitar making book is called 1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners, and is a great resource for new guitar makers. It’s filled with information that experienced guitar makers already know, and that’s great for new builders. Here is why.

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Experienced Builders Already Made the Mistakes

1001 acoustic guitar making tips for beginners bookAnyone that has made several guitars before probably already knows most of what this book reveals. That’s the whole point. Giving you more knowledge as a beginner is a sure fire way to make your first build better.

These tips came from mistakes, research, learning, and hands on building. They were not easy lessons in some cases, and some even cost a lot of time.

Building a guitar is not a difficult process. It’s a long process. This is where many new guitar makers give up too quickly. If there are too many traps and pitfalls, it can be easy to get discouraged and stop building.

However, if you arm yourself with good information, and make patient decisions, you can make an excellent guitar even on the first round. The more you know at the start, the better the process will be. Also, you will be less likely to quit before completing the guitar. This is probably the worst thing that could happen, and the reason is…

You Have No Idea What You Might Miss

You have no idea what playing your first handmade guitar will be like. I thought I knew, but I was not even close. The experience of playing an instrument that you create is not something that you can prepare yourself for.

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It’s a ton of work making a guitar. It’s not hard, it’s just long and requires a lot of patience to complete the project. Also, once the project actually starts looking like a real guitar, it still takes a while more to finish. It’s like the guitar is taunting you while you are working and begging to be played.

Once you do string up that guitar you are going to be hooked. It’s rare that instrument makers build one project and then stop. It’s not easy to quit once you start. Nothing will ever sound as sweet as the guitar you made yourself. Nothing.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

Set Yourself Up For Success

You need to read a lot. Even if you don’t read any of my books, you need to spend time reading and cramming information into your head about the build. If you are new to guitar making, this should be easy. Any new hobby comes with loads of excitement at first.

One of the easiest ways to read about guitar making and learn is through tips. Guitar making tips are small, easy to digest, and give you quick wins that you can add to your tool belt right away. They are quick enough to read in a short sitting, and you can even find them on your phone during a break at work.

Read, read, read. Gain more knowledge every day, and it will pay you back with far more time than you spent reading. Knowing more, you will make less mistakes, and this will keep your build moving forward. You will enjoy the process more, and will have a much higher likelihood of completing the project.

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