New Post Delivery Service

Just a friendly reminder, my new post delivery service is the best way that you can see everything new at Westfarthing Woodworks. I post a lot of great stuff, and it comes out several times a week. Instead of checking constantly, just get the weekly email. It’s easy.

New Post Delivery Service

new post delivery serviceI just looked at my stats for Westfarthing Woodworks, and I’ve passed 450 posts, and well over 300,000 words.

That’s a ton of free woodworking, wood finishing, and guitar making information that can help you become a better woodworker.

I really enjoy woodworking, and I believe that just about anyone who gives it a try can fall in love with it too. Thankfully, I also love writing, and I post about woodworking several times a week.

Woodworking is such a huge topic that it’s easy to come up with things to talk about. There are so many different activities that fall under the woodworking umbrella, that you can live your entire life without getting to experience them all. Here is why joining my new post delivery service will benefit you as a new woodworker:

You Time is Valuable

Your time is valuable…and my website name is hard to spell. I always said that if I ever had the opportunity to own a business, that I would do it my way, and a very unique name was my way of starting out strong.

It’s much easier to get a quick weekly email with all the links to the new posts for the week than to try and remember how to spell my name. It’s convenient, not obtrusive, and you get everything in one place.

Also, since your time is valuable, this one simple email tells you exactly what you need to know before deciding to come over for a visit. I have a lot of different loves when it comes to woodworking. If I am posting for a week about something you are interested in, you can simply click a link in the email and come on over. If not, then you can wait for next week.

Weekly Woodworking / Guitar Making Tips (Post Delivery Service)

I’m a Sharer of Information

One of the things that I get emails about is the volume of free content that I share, and how I give away far more than most people expect. This makes me very happy, because I had to learn what I know from other people too, so this is how I pay it forward.

I do have several books for sale, if you like what you read for free and you want to see more from me, but that’s optional, and you never have to buy a thing to enjoy my site. There are no gimmicks, and I don’t hold anything back.

If you have any questions about my new post delivery service, please send me an email and I will be glad to answer your questions. Enjoy, and happy building.

Additional Information About Westfarthing Woodworks

While I publish the overwhelming majority of my woodworking content for free, I also have several books available as well. You can see them on my Available Books Page, and they cover several different woodworking disciplines.

You can also Join the Community, and receive updates from me about new articles, upcoming books, and when I release new books. It’s completely free, and full of great tutorials, freebies, and great content.


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