My New Guitar Maker Story

I remember years ago going into the wood store looking for materials for my very first acoustic guitar. I wish I could say it was a good experience. Over time, it taught me something, but at the time it happened I was definitely not ready for what I heard.

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Just a New Guitar Maker Buying Wood

my new guitar maker storyArriving in the store I was greeted by a man that asked me what I was looking for. I was really excited about making a guitar, so I told him all about my new found passion.

I was extremely surprised to find out that he was actually a former instructor at a local acoustic guitar making school. As a customer, I thought that I hit the jackpot.

Who better than someone who has built guitars to show me the right wood pile where I can pick out the materials for my masterpiece?

I told him that I wanted to build an all Mahogany guitar. Then, I asked him where I could find that type of wood. Instead of taking me to the wood pile and sending me home happily with the wood that I needed, this is what he did.

Getting What I Needed

He actually told me that there was nothing in the store that was good enough to make a guitar with. Nothing! The store had to have a million dollars worth of exotic hardwood, and yet there was nothing I could make into a guitar?

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He went on about how the wood needed to be a certain way. It also needed to be from a certain place, and of a certain character to be made into a guitar. He made it sound like only one person in the world makes guitar wood, and that you had to ask her really nice in order to buy a piece.

This person was very set in their ways. He gave up absolutely no ground when I tried to point out the fact that they had lots of great wood in the store. After a while I could tell that this was someone that only believed in one way of doing things. I knew that I was not going to get anywhere arguing.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

Against the wishes of my help at the store, I showed myself to the Mahogany and started to dig through for a board. I found a nicely quartered board that had really straight grain. It was large enough for the plates, sides, and neck, so I took it home.

The Lesson I Learned

I was really worried about making that guitar. So worried that I really did not need someone to tell me that I was wasting my time with anything I bought from the store. It bothered me, but I pressed on with the build anyway. As a new guitar maker, stress can be awful.

After completing the guitar, it dawned on me that the person I was dealing with did not have a very open view about guitar making. He almost wanted to keep the craft to himself and not make it seem easy for other people to learn it. After having made and sold several more guitars, (many with wood from that same store) I decided that I did not want anyone else to have that same experience, so I wrote a book.

I have always believed that there is more than one way to do something, and that you should encourage people rather than talk them out of things. How can you possibly know what someone can do if you don’t let them give it a try? Right?

Making a guitar is no different. All you really need is patience and some knowledge. Spend time reading about making a guitar, and over time and with practice you will be able to make a guitar. This is why I share so much on my site and in my books.

I hope you never have an experience like I did. However, if you do, I also hope that you just buy what you came for and do it anyway. Success is the best revenge.

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