My Best Guitar Making Posts…so far

Here are a few of my best guitar making posts, which are sure to help any new guitar maker get started on the right track. Some of these are pretty old, and others are newer. Since I post several times a week, the good stuff can get lost over time. So, here they are.

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My Best Guitar Making Posts…so far

my best guitar making postsThese are some of the best and most popular guitar making posts from my site, in no particular order. Each one can help you accomplish a guitar making goal, and they can get you moving forward on your build.

They range from tips and tricks, to jig builds and helpful advice. They are all easy reads, and give you exactly what you need.

Guitar making is a really enjoyable hobby, and it’s a lot easier than it looks. In the beginning everything seems harder than it really is, and making a guitar is no different.

You are going to learn so much on your first few builds. It’s going to be an amazing experience, and you will certainly make more guitars afterwards. Here are my best and most popular posts, enjoy…

My Guitar Fretboard Slotting Jig

My Fretboard Slotting Jig post shows you all about making a guitar fretboard slotting jig from scraps, rather than buying one from a store. It’s easy, inexpensive, and you probably have everything you need just sitting in the shop already.

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25 Ways to Customize Your Guitar Without Altering the Tone

New guitar makers and experienced guitar makers alike always want to add their own woodworking touches to their guitars. It’s natural to want to showcase some talent, and the guitar gives you lots of opportunities. My 25 Ways to Customize Your Guitar shows you how to have some fun in safe places that won’t ruin your sound.

Acoustic Guitar Making Tips

My 25 Best Guitar Making Tips for Beginners is a free PDF that you can download and save to your device. It has several great guitar making tips, and is designed to give you some quick insight into making guitars. You can also look at 1,001 Acoustic Guitar Making Tips for Beginners, which is my newest book on making guitars.

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

Practical Acoustic Guitar Making Advice

Practical Acoustic Guitar Making Advice is really just that. It’s advice that you really need to hear about guitar making that will help you avoid some big mistakes. Guitars are not made with magic, and if you have some patience, you can make a nice guitar.

How to Finish Wood With Tru-Oil

I’ve finished many guitars with Tru-Oil and I really love the look. A big part of guitar making is learning how to finish well. With Tru-Oil, just about anyone with a small rag and some practice time can become an excellent finisher in a short amount of time. I describe the process in Finishing with Tru-Oil.

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