Making Toys For Kids

If you are not making toys for kids, then you are missing out. My tiny boss (my son) has directed the vast majority of my woodworking projects since the day he was born, and the feeling that I get when I give him something I made cannot be described.

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As a woodworker, you should really consider making toys for kids. They love what you create, and they will leave you with a sense of accomplishment that you need to feel to understand.

Making Toys for Kids

making toys for kidsWhen I wrote Wooden Tools For Kids, it was after making my son a set of toy wooden tools. More importantly, it was after seeing his reaction to them. He lit up, and was over joyed with the toys that I made for him.

That feeling inside me made all the difference. It was so amazing to know that I made my son feel the way he did, and that I was the reason that he was so happy. As soon as I felt that, I knew that other people would love to feel the same way.

The first set that I made for him was only four pieces, a hammer, saw, wrench, and a hand plane. He played with them constantly, even though he had many other modern toys and some wooden toys. It was through seeing his reaction that I decided to write a book, and to show the process for over twenty more tools. Making toys for kids was fun for me, and I knew that the feeling I got from my son was something that other people would love to feel.

If you are considering making toys for kids, or making toys for your children, my book can help you along the way. I love tools and woodworking, and hope to teach my son the craft when he gets older. This book and the tools that I made are a way to involve him in woodworking at an early age, and get him playing with tools.

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All of these tools are easy to recognize, and they look great. They inspire the imagination, and are sure to become family heirlooms. Most kids toys end up in garage sales, or being donated to thrift stores. These are different. These toys are meant to become family treasures that will be kept long after the children have grown up and left.

Making toys for kids has transformed my woodworking in a way that I never saw coming. I make more for my son than I make for anyone else, and I really enjoy sharing that feeling with other people.

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