Making Rings With a Belt Sander

Making rings with a belt sander is an easy alternative for woodworkers that do not have a lathe in the shop. A lathe is a great tool for making rings, but the belt sander can be very helpful. A good sander removes material quickly, which allows you to get your rings close to final size faster, and more efficiently.

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One Tool for Making Rings Faster

making rings with a belt sanderMost people that are making wooden rings are doing so with a small tool set. If you want to start making rings with a belt sander, the expense is small. A basic belt sander can be found online for as little as $90. This one edition to your shop can help reduce the time it takes to make a wooden ring.

A small belt sander can be used after you cut off the waste from your ring blank using a saw. Once you remove the bulk, you typically switch to a sanding block and finish the shaping by hand. With a belt sander, you can simply rotate the ring against the belt and it will quickly come down to size.

The only thing you will have to do after you sand the ring to shape is to remove the cross grain scratches. The belt sander will leave scratches in the same direction as the moving belt. All you need to do after sanding on the belt is to sand with a block, following the direction of the grain, and remove the marks. If you use a less abrasive belt, like a 100 grit or 150 grit, you will minimize the scratches. This makes them easier to remove.

I cover the complete process for making wooden rings in another article, but adding a belt sander to your routine can make a big difference. Some power tools are versatile enough to be used for many things. A belt sander is one of those tools. It’s a relatively inexpensive tool, and you can really streamline your process in the shop. The belt sander works well for making laminated wood rings as well.

My book, Wooden Rings: How To Make Wooden Rings By Hand explains how to make rings with very few tools. If you only have a small tool selection, you can make a ring. I give step by step instructions and over 50 examples of great wooden rings. The book also explains how to use metal inside your rings for more strength.

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