Make and Sell Cutting Boards

Every woodworker needs a side hustle to make some cash for new projects. You can make and sell cutting boards easily from the scraps that you create. Not only are cutting boards easy to sell, but they are also nearly free because you are using scraps to make them. Here is how to get started.

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Start Saving Your Scraps for Cutting Boards

make and sell cutting boardsIf you are making cutting board from scraps, then you are going to need to start saving your scraps. Select a place in the shop where you can put them. This will be your cutting board area.

Since cutting boards come in several different shapes and sizes, you can use just about anything you have for scraps. This includes wide and narrow pieces, long and short pieces.

Even really thin pieces of wood can make great looking accent lines. Use these with a contrasting species, and they will really stand out. If you are making these from new stock, simply look around for deals on wood.

Second grade pieces, small cutoffs, and anything that’s the right size will work. Many woodworking shops have a scrap bin. This can be a place to find great wood for cheap, just like I did for a different project.

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Plan Your Cutting Boards Based on What You Have

make and sell cutting boardsLook around online and find out what you like to see in a good cutting board. Then, plan out your project.

The best thing to do is look at the scraps that you have, and use them for reference. You can’t make a 30 inch long serving tray if you only have 12 inch long pieces.

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Let the wood that you have make the decision for you. This way, you will not be investing fresh money in the cutting boards you sell.

Once you decide on some sizes and some shapes, start cutting. Chop the pieces a little longer than you need, and you will be able to trim them down later. This will help you if your pieces slide a bit during gluing.

Joint the edges, and do a dry run before adding glue. I have written about doing a test fit before gluing in a different post, and it’s worth solving your problems before they become glue covered problems.

Glue Up Your Cutting Boards and Finish Them

make and sell cutting boardsGlue your boards together, and trim them to size after they have dried. Sand the faces, and route a bevel or radius in the edges. Do one last final sanding, and then you are ready to finish.

Use a food grade mineral oil for this part of the process. Apply the oil, and allow it to soak into the wood. Wipe off the excess, and let it dry for a while. Repeat this one more time, and you are good to go.

Set the boards out to dry for a couple days, and give them one last wipe afterwards if needed. The food grade oil will soak in, but some of it can be pressed out over time. This is safe, and is no cause for alarm. The boards should have a nice healthy glow, and will be very attractive to potential buyers.

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Set up an Etsy store or make some postings online. Sell your boards for a good price. Don’t try to sell them for a ton of money unless you are making something unique or higher end. If you sell them for the time you invested, which should be minimal, the money coming in can fund your newest woodworking project, or help buy a new tool.

I wrote about How to Price Handmade Items in another post, and it can help you decide on how you should set your prices. There are benefits to going high, but there are also benefits to going low. The article focuses on higher end selling.

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