How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series

how to make an electric bassThe how to make an electric bass 24 video series is a complete set of videos that cover making an electric bass from start to finish.

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These two videos are parts seventeen and eighteen in the series, and they cover making wooden knobs and routing the body. Each video details the processes involved, and shows you everything exactly as I did it.

I originally made these videos for six gun guitars, which was my old website. For a long time, I was trying to maintain two websites. One for woodworking, and one for guitar making. It because too much, so I migrated everything here.

At westfarthing woodworks you can find everything you are looking for from six gun, as well as all of my woodworking and wood finishing projects. It is far easier to share everything in one place. I really enjoy showing everyone that woodworking is really an amazing hobby, and now it’s easier than ever for me.

How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part Seventeen “Knobs”

I ended up running out of time working on the bass, and did not use these knobs in the final presentation of the instrument. However, this is a great video on how to make custom knobs in the shop. Wooden knobs feel much nicer than metal knobs, and they are very easy to make. Even without a lathe, the process is still pretty straight forward.

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How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part Eighteen “Routing”

This video shows the progress on the neck. It also shows how to route the edges of the body pieces for a nice radius. A small router table is perfect for this process. For the vast majority of guitar making operations, smaller tools are just as good as the larger machines. This small router table does the job of evenly rounding the edges very well.

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If you have any questions on the how to make an electric bass 24 video series, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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