How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series

how to make an electric bassHere are the next three videos in my How to Make an Electric Bass 24 Video Series, and they tackle the Fretboard, Fret Dots, and Rod Install. This video series was originally recorded for my old website, six gun guitars. Everything from there has been moved here, and this is where I will be sharing all of my woodworking and guitar making information going forward.

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This series is 24 videos long, and it starts with a pile of wood and ends up with an electric bass. This project was for a gift, and was a pleasure to make. The young musician that received the bass plays in a band, and was very excited.




How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series Part Eight “Fretboard”

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This video covers an easy way to taper the fretboard using a router. Some makers do this on the table saw, but I find that a router leaves less marks. The cleaner the cut, the lass sanding later on in the project.

How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series Part Nine “Fret Dots”

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Installing custom fret dots is easy, and if you follow my instructions here, you can make exotic wood fret dots in the shop using a very inexpensive tool. Custom fret dots are easy to make. They also add another custom layer to your instrument.

How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series Part Ten “Rod Install”

This video covers where the rod will be placed. It also shows cutting the area for the adjustment nut. This will be covered with a plate later. The nut adjusts from the body of the guitar rather than the headstock.

Scroll through the website and you will find previous videos from this series. Then, check back often. I will be posting the complete series in 2-3 video increments every few days until they are all available.

If you have any questions about my How to Make an Electric Bass 24 Video Series, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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