How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series

how to make an electric bassThis is a 24 video series on how to make an electric bass. I recorded this several years ago, and it is an in depth look into making an instrument. The videos are designed to be watched from start to finish, but feel free to skip around and watch them in any order you like.

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Videos three and four can be found below, and they cover gluing the Padauk top to the Mahogany body core. Making the body on a through neck bass is a little different than making a standard body, and these videos show the steps.

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How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part Three “The Glue Up.”

How to make an electric bass part three shows how to glue the pieces together. The top is made from Padauk and Mahogany. These need to be bonded carefully to achieve a clean glue line and strong joint.

How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part Four “Body Wrap Up.”

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The body wrap up deals with finishing the gluing phase. Checking the joint, and making sure everything went together well is an important part of joining wood. A good joint makes the finished piece look much better. Especially on a carved body, the joints are going to be a focal point.

The first two videos are available here if you missed them.

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If you have any questions about these two videos in my how to make an electric bass video series, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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