How to Make a Carbide Lathe Tool

This video explains how to make a carbide lathe tool. These have exploded in popularity recently and for good reason. A carbide lathe tool makes it very easy for anyone to learn lathe turning. These tools function essentially as a scraper, but with the range of inserts available they are extraordinarily versatile.

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The benefit to making a carbide lathe tool is that the price is much lower. Several carbide lathe tools can be made for the same price as one from a store. If you own a lathe (which you should if you are making tools for it) this is something you can make yourself easily.

The inserts can be found online at Global Tooling, or you can buy the inserts for the tools that are sold in woodworking stores. Either way, you will have what you need to make the tool in your shop. The steel for the bar came from Amazon, though this can be found locally.

This video shows how to make a carbide lathe tool, and it is easy to follow and learn from.  Select your inserts first, then build the tool. Finally, give the tool a nice hand applied oil finish.

A great finish for this tool is Tru-Oil.  My Finishing With Tru-Oil article explains the process and steps. If you would rather watch a video, my Tru-Oil Finishing Video does just that.

Lastly, my 10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing shows beginners how to finish wood. This explains how to use easy wipe on finishes to create a great look. Wipe on finishes make an expert finisher out of anyone, and are easy to learn how to apply.

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Have you ever made a carbide lathe tool? Share some of your tips and tricks with us. Then, we can all build the best tool possible from what everyone shares with the group.


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