I Don’t Have Lots of Fancy Tools

I don’t have a lot of fancy tools. I do have a lot of tools, but I don’t own anything that you would consider to be very high end. Most of my tools are from home improvement stores, and others from discount tool stores. Either way, I still get stuff done. Here is why that’s great for any beginning woodworker following tutorials on my site.

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Fancy Tools and Woodworking

i dont have lots of fancy toolsOne of the most interesting compliments that I ever received on my books was from a person who said that they liked how I had normal tools in my descriptions.

He said that it made sense for him, because the task I was teaching didn’t seem like something he would need a new shop to accomplish.

That was one of the nicest compliments and insights into my books that I have ever received, and it sums up the way that I like to teach others about woodworking.

I don’t have a ton of really nice tools, though I do have several tools in the shop. I know that I have more than many, but there are many that have more than me. What I mean by “fancy” is that I don’t own anything that the average woodworker could not afford.

My most expensive tool is my band saw, and it was $400. Here is why this is good for you as a reader of Westfarthing Woodworks…

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All of My Projects Are Within Reach

There is just about nothing I do on this site that you can’t do to. At least the cost will not prohibit you from trying the project. At no point will I ever use a $10,000 machine to do something, and then tell you all about how you can do it yourself.

One of my biggest ideals has always been woodworking for normal people. I’ve thumbed through a few woodworking books that are the exact opposite, and I always said that I never wanted to produce anything like that.

a beginners guide to woodworking helping new woodworkers make better projects woodworking

If you need to buy a ton of really expensive tools to make something from a book, then you are probably looking in the wrong book. Tools don’t make the woodworker, they just make things easier. That means in most cases you can do the same thing a different way with less expensive tools.

Most of My Tools Are Smaller Models

One way that I save on tool costs is to buy bench top models. Instead of buying bigger floor standing tools, I buy the bench top versions. In most cases, this gives me similar functionality, but on a smaller scale, for a smaller price.

My table saw, router table, jointer, and drill press are all examples of this. The drill press is the biggest of all, and I got that for free from my father. All the others are smaller, and they sit on top benches in the shop.

While they do restrict the size of the materials that I can pass through them in my shop, for my typical projects, they work just fine. I do not work on anything that’s too large, so for me the tools are just perfect.

I Don’t Have Lots of Fancy Tools Wrap-Up

The moral to the story is that you can feel confident looking through my site. You should know that you can try the different projects I describe, and not worry about having to buy a really expensive tool to make it happen.

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Also, I describe my tutorials in a way that leans on the more simple tools. When possible, I will describe the process in a simple way rather than complex, or I will talk about both ways in the tutorial. This is why they are so easy to follow, and all you have to do is just try it yourself.

If you have any questions about I Don’t Have Lots of Fancy Tools, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help. Happy building.

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