How to use Plastic and Acrylics in Your Wooden Ring Designs

This is how you can use plastics and acrylics in your wooden ring designs. Most wooden rings are made from wood alone, but there are ways to add other materials into the mix. One of the easiest and the most versatile is plastic, and there are some amazing looking pieces out there.

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Making Rings With Wood and Plastic

how-to-use-plastic-and-acrylics-in-your-wooden-ring-designsIf you have not seen the kinds of acrylic and plastic blanks available to woodworkers, then you do not know what I mean when I say plastic. This is far more than a colored piece of plastic, and the looks are incredible to see.

There are several crafts that use different types of plastics, and the biggest is the lathe turning community. You can find plastic blanks for duck calls, pepper mills, and pens. They come in all sizes, and in so many looks you would need to sell your house to buy one of each.

Here are some ways that you can use plastics in your wooden rings, and why this alternative material is one of the best choices to start out.

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Gluing Together Alternative Materials

When you decide to start making rings from more than wood alone, there are a lot of choices for new materials. In the beginning, this can be overwhelming. However, almost anything you can glue to a piece of wood, you can make into a ring.

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This is the real trick that you need to know before using any alternative materials. In order to use them, you need to be able to glue them together. For wood, wood glue does the job, but with alternative materials, you need something different.

The best glue you can use is two part epoxy, because it can attach to lots of different things together. The bond is strong, and you won’t have to worry about the materials coming apart. If you are going to use wood and plastic, then you need to use two part epoxy.

wooden rings how to make wooden rings by hand ring making instructions for beginners

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Using Plastics in Your Rings

The easiest alternative material to start with is plastic. To find inspiration, go to a website that sells lathe turning materials, and look at the plastics first. When you do, you will be amazed at the amount and the variety of materials you can buy.

There are a lot of different types of plastic, and there are also combination pieces. These are where the designer has used wood and resin to make a custom piece. These are beautiful, and each of them is unique.

The only real consideration that you need to be aware of is the size. For most rings, a pen blank is going to be too small. However, the bottle stopper blanks, pepper mill blanks, and larger turning blanks are perfect size for a king wooden rings.

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Making our Own Designs with Plastics

The real benefit of making rings with alternative materials like plastic is that you can have more options. These materials are inspirational by themselves, so just having them in the shop will make the process go along really well.

I recommend that you try out the material for the face of laminated rings, and for the interior pieces too. Play around with the look, and see what you like. You can also try thinner slices and thicker slices, which vary the look.

When you find a look that you really like, make more of them. Try different blanks, and different styles of blank. Essentially, you can treat the plastic and acrylic like any other piece of material when you are gluing up a lamination.

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Your Homework

Your homework is to buy some non-wood blanks from a supplier and get them into your shop. The mere fact that you have them around will get you to use them. Find a few that you like, and just order them.

After you get them in the shop, play around with the looks you can create. Make some cuts, and get used to working with the material. After a while, working with acrylics will be a normal part of your woodworking process.

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Also, spend some time looking at the huge array of different looks that the plastic and acrylic blanks come in. Find several sources that you like, and comb through their stock. Sometimes, the difference between good and great is just the choice of materials.

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How to Use Plastic ans Acrylics in Your Wooden Ring Designs Wrap-Up

Wooden rings can be made from a lot more than wood. One of the best ways to get into alternative materials for making wooden rings is to use acrylic and plastic. These materials are easy to work with, and are easy to find locally and online.

Look for some of these blanks in a lathe turning store. They are really popular with turners, and they can go into your wooden rings just as easily. Pick out some that you like, and you will have some really creative materials to enjoy.

Experiment with the looks that you can create. Try the material inside laminations, and on the faces of laminations. The colors are endless, and you can always find something that will make your wooden rings look even better than they already do.

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If you have any questions about How to Use Plastic and Acrylics in Your Wooden Ring Designs, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them.  Happy building.

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