How to Make an Electric Bass 24 Video Series

how to make an electric bassThis is my How to Make an Electric Bass 24 Video Series, which was recorded as I built a custom bass for a customer who was giving it as a gift.

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I originally recorded this video series for my old website, six gun guitars. I have since moved everything from there to here, so I can have my woodworking and instrument making tips and projects all in one place. This allows me to better serve the people that enjoy my content, because I can put everything in one place.

These are videos twenty one and twenty two, and they deal with pickup routing, and the electronics. There is only one more post left where the final two videos will wrap up the project.


How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part 21, “Pickup Routing”

This video covers the sanding of the body and routing for the jazz style pickups. The final sanding is critical to getting the surface ready for a finish. More sanding was done after the pickups were routed, to remove the surface rubs left by the Dremel.

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Routing the pickups is a fairly straight forward process. I have done it with and without a template before. If you are new at woodworking, use a template. It only takes a little time to make, and it can be used over and over again. I talk more about the beauty of templates here, and they can be huge time savers.

How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, Part 22, “Electronics”

acoustic guitar making how to make tools templates and jigs book beginner book for new guitar makers

This video covers working on the electronics. I wired up a harness before adding the individual components to the guitar itself. Most pickups come with a wiring diagram, which makes installing them easy. If you follow the diagram, even someone who has never wired a guitar before can accomplish the task.

Pick up a nice soldering iron. Then, spend a little time practicing with it. It does not take long to become good at soldering, and a good iron will last a long time. Holding the wires while making the connections can be a little tricky, but that comes in time as well.

If you have any questions on my How to Make an Electric Bass – 24 Video Series, please leave a comment and I will answer them. Happy building.

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