Homemade Sanding Block

A homemade sanding block is a handy tool that every woodworker should own. You should also make it yourself. There is a certain warmth and connection that you feel from a tool that you made yourself. It’s hard to understand until you actually do it. Try making one of these easy sanding blocks, and you will find out what I mean.

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Quick Homemade Sanding Block

homemade sanding blockAll you need for a nice homemade sanding block is a piece of flat wood, and some cork. I typically buy my cork online or in a craft store in rolls. They are sold for people making cork boards. On one roll, you will have a lifetime of homemade sanding blocks, and the roll is pretty cheap.

Look for 1/8″ thick cork, with smaller particles. The thicker pieces with gigantic particles can be a little problematic if they start falling out. This leads to divots on the face, and uneven sanding jobs.

When you make something yourself, it gives you a sense of accomplishment twice. Once because you made it, and twice because it serves you well. I cover this idea more in my chop your own wood article. The main point of the idea is that when you make something yourself, you really get far more out of the piece. You also get an enjoyment in using the item that you would not have gotten had you not made it yourself.

I also have a couple hand planes that I made a while back. I had avoided using hand planes for a long time, mainly because I had never used a sharp one before. After I caught a wild itch to make one from wood, I immediately gained a new respect for this age old tool.

Once you cut down your sanding block to the size you like, sand one face flat. Then, glue a layer of cork on that face and clamp it well.  After the glue has dried, trim the edges of the cork flush to the wood. Then, all you need to do is wrap it in a piece of sandpaper and use it the next time you need some quick sanding.

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